Healthy living and working environment

Flowering Anthuriums not only provide atmosphere and decoration in your living room, they also create a healthier environment! Anthuriums turn CO2 into oxygen at home or in the office. They purify the air naturally and ensure a good (indoor) climate, because they continuously improve humidity. Grower Anthura lists all the positive health benefits on the Airthurium website.

Tropical discovery

The Anthurium is originally from the tropical rain forests of Colombia and Guatemala and the Amazon in Brazil. Here the plant only has a few roots, and it grows in and on the trees where it gets its food from. The first species of Anthurium was discovered by Austrian physician and botanist Dr Karl van Scherzer and he named the plant after himself, Anthurium scherzerianum. The second species was discovered by Eduard Francois Andre during an expedition through the Andes Mountains. He also named the plant after himself, Anthurium andreanum. The plant emigrated to Europe in 1857 and there are now more than 600 Anthurium species!

Exotic beauty

Anthurium (also called Flamingo plant) has everything you would expect from a tropical plant; colourful flowers, beautiful glossy leaves and a very long flowering time. Anthurium symbolises exotic beauty. Its name is derived from the Greek words ‘anthos’ (flowering) and ‘oura’ (tail). A clear reference to the flowering spike!

Anthuriums from Amazone Plants will bring
a little bit of the Amazon into your home.

Witte anthurium
The origin of the name Amazone Plants may seem obvious, but in fact it has a double meaning. It is not only the Anthurium that comes from the rainforests of South America, the Amazon parrot also originates from here. Owner Fred loves parrots and has collected quite a few of them. The deep green Amazon parrot was his first parrot and inspired the name of the nursery.