Amazone Plants was founded in 2010 by Fred van Zijl and Lex Scheffers. Entrepreneurs at heart who believe it is most important to enjoy what you do. They combined their years of cultivation experience and chose to grow Anthuriums together. To do this, they bought and renovated a former chrysanthemum nursery. The ingenious cultivation system was put to good use for the potted plants. In the first few years, Amazone Plants supplied Anthuriums in a 17cm pot.
Lex en Fred van Amazone Plants


In 2019, Fred and Lex will say a final goodbye to the tomatoes, as they have decided to turn the tomato nursery into an Anthurium nursery. This expansion will create a larger cultivation area and increase the product range. The range previously offered Anthuriums in a 17cm pot size, but now they will also be available in 12 and 14cm. Amazone Plants supplies the three most important pot sizes and some of the new varieties are even grown exclusively by them. The nursery will expand from seven to 15 varieties in one go making Amazone Plants the place to come for Anthuriums.


In this modern company, Fred and Lex bring their years of experience of cultivation techniques, climate control and product knowledge, combined with an extensive network in the market. The Amazone Plants greenhouses are located a stone’s throw from the flower auction in Naaldwijk and are equipped with a mobile transport and delivery system (which was already used in chrysanthemum cultivation). The cultivation method using cultivation gutters on trolleys and the associated irrigation system is quite unique in floriculture. The misting system ensures an optimal climate in the summer months, and thanks to the assimilation lighting, Amazone Plants can supply beautiful Anthuriums with enough flowers during the winter months.

Sustainable at heart

Environmental sustainability is embedded in the corporate vision of Amazone Plants. The smart cultivation system ensures optimal conditions throughout the year. Biological control is used, the irrigation water is 100% disinfected and reused, and energy (gas and electricity) is used as efficiently as possible. Amazone Plants is a member of the Geothermal Heat Vogelaer project, one of the most sustainable energy sources, which will result in enormous CO2 savings. Amazone Plants no longer needs to use gas to heat the nursery but uses geothermal heat (naturally present in the deeper layers of earth).